Intelligent Growth Capital for the Lower Middle-Market

Hunting Dog Capital is a San Francisco-based investment manager that specializes in providing flexible financing, primarily in the form of senior-secured term loans, to lower middle-market U.S. companies. Hunting Dog Capital’s Principals have worked together since 2002 and have extensive transaction experience that includes private debt, investment banking and corporate finance. Investment opportunities are generated through a nationwide referral network that the Hunting Dog Capital team has developed and grown since 2004.

We target investment opportunities with businesses that generate between $5 million and $50 million of annual revenue. Our investment process is centered on understanding a company’s situation-specific capital requirements and working with management to structure a solution. Business owners use our capital to facilitate acquisitions, refinance existing debt or for general corporate purposes to enable growth.

We help business owners preserve control while enabling growth.

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We are often asked why the name Hunting Dog Capital? We believe that great hunting dog characteristics reflect how we conduct business:

  • A disciplined approach to ensure consistent results
  • Ability to adapt to changing conditions or circumstances
  • Perseverance to overcome challenges and roadblocks
  • Never unwilling to work with our clients when problems arise
  • Deliver what it takes to bring a transaction to closure

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