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Partnering with Middle-Market Growth Companies

Hunting Dog Capital provides senior-secured term loans backed by tangible assets to US-based growth companies. We partner with entrepreneurs that want flexible financing without loss of control or equity dilution.

  • Target coupons between 12-15%
  • Significant collateral to protect principal
  • Quarterly cash distributions

You Deserve Better Than Average

Today’s market standards just don’t cut it. Since 2006, Hunting Dog Capital has performed consistently, regardless of overall market conditions. We know our investments work. So much so that our portfolio managers personally contribute to each loan alongside our investors. What does this mean for investors like you? Simple. Hunting Dog Capital offers senior-secured term loans to lower, middle-market growth companies with strong collateral coverage to protect principal. We target a compelling 13-18% gross IRR without fund leverage across all investments.

Investing for Smarter Investors

We were looking for a unique approach to the market. Hunting Dog delivered that.

Gregory Oberholtzer | CIO, WP Global Partner

Make Your Investments Work

  1. Meet With Us

    We do things the right way, and meet with you to answer all your questions.

  2. Invest Smarter

    You’ll partner directly with an experienced manager who is disciplined, transparent and personally invests in every loan.

  3. Grow Your Money

    We target 12-15% coupons per loan with quarterly cash distributions.

Request a Meeting

We want to make sure we’re the right fit for you or your client’s investment needs. Let’s connect and talk through what makes Hunting Dog Capital different from other investment managers.


Daily experience with what is truly occurring in today’s lending market for small and mid-sized companies.

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